Learn the basics of Foil (Maiden)

30/06/2016 News

Foil (Maiden) is what? The basic features of the foil together, find out! Foil (Maiden) is a raw material used in printing, ink is coated with a special iridescent colors show through the ALUFIN ferrous (aluminum). This emulsion ink printing presses two processes is hot pressed and cold pressed Hot stamping foils One of the […]

A few things to note when printing logo design

30/06/2016 News

We can say now when we look at any place that also saw the presence of the logo everywhere from the impressive name cards to websites and even on the packaging also contains at least one logo injured understand. And to get the impression with the customer logo and attract the viewer, it is an […]

Label printing solutions for snack foods

30/06/2016 News

Tips and Considerations for How to Market Barbecue sauce If the brand of barbecue sauce and packaging can you say, what would they say? You’ve heard the saying “do not judge a book by its cover”, right? It works great for books, but when it comes to food shopping, we combined the labels and packaging […]

Learn about the design process for printing envelopes

30/06/2016 News

Envelopes are popular products, emerged from a long time, but until now it really true level of interest, became effective products with high marketing, that’s why print envelopes Day service grown. However, not everyone can understand, to give birth to a perfect envelope as you see, it must go through certain stages? We also learn […]

New trends in product packaging design

30/06/2016 News

Packaging material is contained, stored, preserved products, but also in itself is a kind of product. Therefore, packaging manufacturers are also interested in changing designs, styles, materials that best suit the market demand. Here are some of the latest innovations is the packaging manufacturer update. Innovative design, unique: Many manufacturers when launching a new item […]

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