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Being a professional in the field of print publishing with many years of experience in the profession, we get cheap leaflet printing for offices, businesses, shops and individuals wishing to put in the amount of more or less nationwide.

With a team of high quality technicians, our company always pay attention to the design ideas booklet innovative, impressive and beautiful products for our customers. Based on software design professional pamphlets such as Corel Photoshop, Indesign, Who …

  • With specific products, such as:
  • Product leaflets
  • Flyers (leaflets)
  • Flyers diner (in the menu)
  • Flyers cafe (in the menu)
  • Dental flyers
  • Leaflets tutor (teaching)
  • Leaflets opening
  • Promotional leaflets
  • Leaflets karaoke
  • Leaflets in English (English Language Center)
  • Leaflets recruitment
  • Tourist brochures (in catalogs doubled, tripled)
  • Flyers cosmetics Beauty
  • Leaflets banks
  • Flyers dental
  • Leaflets preschools

Customers can choose from several forms when printing flyers: Send your design file format: Image, Word, PDF or describing original ideas.

– Printing leaflets with sizes: A3 A4, A5, A6, Poster or size options
– In rapid (digital technology) or offset
– In leaflets color or monochromatic (cost reduction)
– Making double leaflet form, triple, closing shaped for increased aesthetic products

Leaflets are offset on paper coucher advanced materials with a thickness of 100 to 250 grams. Product durability when printing with sharp pretty appropriate for the type of flyers, opening, service brochure, business … process after print publication rolled glossy or matte film (closing times ) depending on the requirements of each type.


– Customers can browse through the mail form and get brochures printed on paper before placing samples made flyers.
– In the process of manufacturing the Company strives to ensure timely delivery.
– The products produced leaflets after otherwise qualified to be remade. (100% free)
– Save more with services: consulting – printing – design – delivery – Play leaflets at the same location.
– 5% discount directly from the times set in the second and 10% for customers making monthly leaflets
– Offers the convenience of the stages of ordering, payment, delivery free products in the urban districts.

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