Professional catalog printing



Our company specializes in printing catalogs cheap as the type of product catalogs, advertising catalogs, magazines … on modern offset printer TCP ensures cheap beautiful color on each product

To obtain the sample catalogs, brochures, nice profile … you need to pay attention to important aspects of the design catalog is: clear typeface, eye-catching graphics, high-quality image capture, clean layout consumers can easily hieu.Khach easily find information and products and your services.
Clients come to us will receive the comfort and convenience when using services in the catalog price. Simply send your brochure printing information:
– Dimensions catalog – Number of pages to be printed catalog – Quantification (thickness) cover, inside pages of catalogs
– Selection process after printing catalogs (rolled translucent membrane, membrane glossy, UV Government, pressed powder ferrous loai.v.v ..).
We advise idea, introduced the beautiful designs for customers to consult, offer solutions in catalog cheapest suit your budget and production plan and specific delivery time .
– Sewing prototyping design team members are experienced take on, the catalog will not only form the demand towards the promotion of the product but also generate attention to the potential customers. Based on software design professional cards like: Corel, Photoshop, Indesign, Who … And the customer has the option style, any size for their products. (A3, A4, A5)

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